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 High Quality Egyptian Natural Fennel Oil For Export 100% Purity


Fennel Oil for Aromatherapy
In an emotional state, it has a healing, calming effect, helps relieve the effects of psychological stress, literally it instantly calms the nerves. It is the perfect oil for those who need to recover, get away from problems and hassle.

Fennel Oil Beneficial Features
Fennel oil relieves spasms and malfunctions of the digestive system, prevents abdominal pain, colic and flatulence, indigestion, fermentation in the intestines. It helps to remove excess fluid and waste from the body. Effective for bronchial diseases. It has antiseptic and bactericidal properties. Improves lactation.

Fennel Oil Application in Cosmetology.
Basically, fennel oil is used in products intended for daily or special care for sensitive dry skin. In addition, it helps to cope with pustular skin infections.
Fennel oil is used in mouth rinses, dental whitening products, and post-shave and after-epilator soothing lotions.

The only contraindication to the use of fennel oil is during pregnancy.

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